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Making great radio




Having managed both successful and challenging operations, brand changes and re-structures, David understands the medium from the roots upwards.


With a sound strategic grasp of competitive radio of all formats - and a solid understanding of operational and, where appropriate, commercial detail and brand strategy, he can help you build a better radio station.

He also has a regulatory  background and has assembled wide-ranging reports on key issues.

When you need a fresh pair of eyes, talk to David.



When your presenters need just that spark of inspiration, David injects refreshing insight into what they do each day.


Whatever the format, the techniques of language and delivery cut through.  From forward progression to interviewing,  production to language, David masters the medium and excels in bringing the message home - and offering food for thought in a memorable way for new and experienced broadcasters alike. He builds on the contents of his

Radio Secrets book.



It's been said that David has a love affair with radio.  As a  passion project, he curates and documents vintage Radio Moments Clips from the 1920s to the present day. 


When you need someone  to talk and write about the medium's rich history, talk to David.

David's book Radio Moments is a candid and fond account of his own radio life - and, in turn, the lives of so many radio people. Radio Moments: 50 years of radio - life on the Inside.