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With huge experience of radio operations large and small, David can help you establish on-air strategy; operate efficiently; assist with culture; and, for commercial stations, better monetise your content.

A pair of experienced eyes to review your station - with sufficient knowledge and understanding to delve below the surface and get to a way forward - to help you lead your team through change - or to devise powerful 'away days' with lasting benefits.


From a chink of insight to full market studies, when you need to really understand your market and shed light on possible solutions, David can advise. He has worked on numerous research projects in competitive radio markets and can help to coordinate the right approach for your product and brand.


When your presenters and journalists need that spark of inspiration, David can inject refreshing insight into what they do each day.


Whatever the format, the techniques of language and delivery cut through.  From forward progression to interviewing,  production to language, tight music presentation to story-telling and double acts, David excels in bringing the message hometo both newer and accomplished presenters.


He builds on the contents of his Radio Secrets book with group or individual coaching.


From advising on licence applications to dealing with compliance challenges and assembling informed reports.

Having worked as a regulator at the Radio Authority (now part of Ofcom) - served on the ASA's industry advisory panel - and assembled key reports on future direction for various industry bodies, David is well-placed to advise .


An award-winning presenter and programme-maker, David creates compelling audio content for radio and podcast as a freelance presenter and independent producer.


David is renowned for his passion for radio history - as demonstrated by his #radiomoments social media posts and popular podcast channels.

He has appeared on Sky TV, Radio 2, commercial radio, Radio 4 and BBC local radio to commentate on radio history.


His book 'Radio Moments' is a personal reflection of the last 50 years in UK radio. 




David has presented at key industry conferences around the world on topical industry matters. He also delivers memorable sessions on broadcasting techniques, drawing on the themes in his 'Radio Secrets' book.

David  also is called upon frequently by media outlets to commentate on topical radio issues.


David has been commisioned to write for press and digital media on topical industry matters - and radio history.


His blog is well-read in the radio fraternity and his books 'Radio Moments' and 'Radio Secrets' are highly regarded.




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