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'Radio Secrets' - An insider's guide to presenting and producing powerful content for broadcast and podcast 


"He's given away all my secrets in this book and I'm furious about it."

Greg James, BBC Radio1

A fresh contemporary look at the techniques today's broadcasters and podcasters call upon. From tight music radio to authenticity, double acts, likeability, voice artistry, breakfast shows  and interviewing.


Detailed insight into the science and art of great audio, drawing on conversations with today's great programmers and presenters.

Published by Rethink Press. Buy from Amazon via the button - or get in touch and I'll despatch personally.



'Radiomoments': 50 years of radio - Life on the inside.

“Reminded me fondly of my early days in radio – a fantastic read.”

Scott Mills, BBC Radio 1

If you grew up in the 60s 70s and 80s and loved radio - this will chime. It is a very personal, nostalgic view of radio since the start of Radio 1, 2 and BBC local, through the hectic years of early commercial radio, as seen through the eyes of this little lad who grew up just wanting to be on the radio. The happiness and heartaches, successes and failures, launches and consolidations. Read about the characters of an era which will never be repeated.

Published by Biteback. Buy from Amazon via the button - or get in touch and I'll despatch personally.



'Kid Jensen: For the Record' by David Jensen - Published November 16th

Few of a generation do not recall listening to Radio Luxembourg ‘under the bed clothes’. David ‘Kid’ Jensen was one of its best-known names, broadcasting to millions across Europe, showcasing music at a key moment of change. Transferring eventually to the BBC, he was part of a golden era for Radio 1, working alongside the radio names who have become part of folklore such as John Peel and Kenny Everett, and appearing in person in front of thousands at the Radio 1 Roadshows and on TV to millions on Top Of The Pops.

His encounters with the big names are incomparable: Michael Jackson teaching the moonwalk on the shag pile carpet; playing football at midnight on an airport runway with the Rolling Stones; on holiday with Paul McCartney. As a knowledgeable and high-profile music-loving radio presenter, the list is never-ending and in this book he tells of his impressions of the characters: who was fun, and who was more difficult.

Two years ago David revealed he’d been battling incurable Parkinson’s disease, saying he’d delayed disclosing his illness to all but family and close friends for fear that “people might think less of me.”

This is the personal story – with all its ups and downs – of the Canadian who sold his motorbike and trumpet to venture to London to pursue his dream – and achieved it. I'm pleased to have helped David bring the project to fruition.


Published by Little Wing Books. Buy from Amazon - or go to

'How to Make Great Radio' - Techniques and tips for today's broadcasters and producers  


"David Lloyd’s knowledge of how radio works is surpassed only by his passion for it. You have to buy this book."    Nick Ferrari, LBC

There is no such thing as perfect radio. Therein lies the delicious unpredictability which prompts most British adults to tune in each week.

In 'How to Make Great Radio',  read hints to point you in the right direction as a presenter or producer of radio or podcasts. If you are planning a career in radio, or taking your first steps, it will speed your journey. Certainly some of the things others will forget to tell you about until it's too late.

If you've been around the block a few times, or catapulted into a media world you do not fully understand, this will help you address your new challenges.

How to Make Great Radio illustrates the difference between an average broadcaster and a great one, and help you reach that goal.

Published by Biteback.



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